stay calm and get your craft on

18 12 2010

I saw that phrase (title) while cruising on etsy a month ago – printed on a bag or t-shirt at The Bold Banana‘s shop. Instant addition to my Fave list, and perhaps an acquisition for later this spring. I love the phrase because it’s so true: keep calm, focus on the creative process, and the happiness generated thereby will smooth the way back to a place where I can deal with whatever the life-problem is. Crafting (and any creative endeavor) is like that, for me – restorative, reinvigorating, saving.

So here’s what’s been saving me this week:

bell ornaments

Creating simple ornaments like these, for Bebe’s little tree, since ours are packed up & far away at home.

felt tree - shadows felt tree - greens

Making more little trees – this time in gradients of purple and green, inspired by these ones that I saw last December and LOVED but didn’t have time/energy to make myself. So I bookmarked them and have been waiting all year for December to roll around again. Yay! Hers are still much prettier, which I’m sure is mostly due to my limited abilities with geometry/spatial conceptualization. Again, the nicely pointed tree tips escape me. Le sigh… Next year, maybe I’ll complete the color set. But for now, these are so fun and I love ’em.

embroidered star ornaments

Embroidering little star ornaments, inspired by the sewn ones (by Flossy’s Fancy) that I saw at tiny happy.

snow star

Valarie’s awesome Snow Star tutorial to make this really big and very pretty paper sculpture.

And of course, working on other super-secret gifts that cannot be revealed until after the holidays.

My coffee cup is empty, so that’s all for now: we’re off and running for the day. And I hope if you need it, that you have something or someone who saves & restores you. Hope you have a marvelous weekend, wherever you are in the world.




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18 12 2010

The stars are lovely!
You got your craft on! : )

18 12 2010

Hi Nicole,
Thanks for your message! I think your kids would really love trying Valarie’s paper star tutorial. It takes some time but is totally gorgeous. My Bebe’s whole body lit up & wriggled with delight when he saw it, definitely wanted to hug it. I’m going to try another one later using felt, so that it’s more durable for toddler love/hugging.
And we’re going to try your gnome tutorial this weekend. 🙂 Cheers!

18 12 2010
Whitney @ Nesting Season

That star is amazing! I’d love to see how it turns out in felt. I’m always hesitant to put a lot of time into product-oriented crafting with fragile materials.

19 12 2010

Hi Whitney, Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I’ll try the felt star in January, when we get back home, so I hope you don’t mind waiting a bit. A giant felt star would be a wonderfully cheery thing to mark our post-holiday homecoming (as well as being huggable art for my Bebe).

19 12 2010

All lovely and the title is great! (and I agree, spot-on). I especially like the embroidered stars and might have a go at Valarie’s myself 🙂

19 12 2010

Thank you 🙂

20 12 2010

Love that snow star. It’s really gorgeous.

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