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15 12 2010

“Smells pretty,” says Bebe, holding one in each fist with a dimply grin.

clove satsumas

We’ve completed a 24-hour marathon of mild catastrophes, starting Monday night and running through afternoon naptime Tuesday: abrupt and messy vomiting, excited ripping of paper, tantrums in each and every direction, and a carelessly serviced car that began smoking heavily on the short drive home from the service center and then had to be towed back. Poor Bebe has had a hard time, but thankfully rest cures many ills. Hopefully Wednesday will be a better day.

And we have had plenty of loveliness in the midst of chaos. Bebe helped me make little clove-studded satsuma ornaments on Monday night, patiently plugging cloves into the fruit after I’d poked holes with a toothpick. He showed them off to his girl cousins while they were visiting for lunch today, telling them, “I help.” Also, “Smells pretty,” and “Mine!”

We’ve been trying to get to locate a Christmas Tree farm in the area, but eventually had to settle for a roadside tree lot instead. Bebe and his cousin were thrilled to be greeted with a candy cane and a toothy grin at the lot’s entrance, and they loved chasing each other through and around the aisles of trees.

tree lot - cousins

And it’s hard to go wrong with a cozy hour of watching White Christmas after dinner: a little Irving Berlin always makes things better.




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15 12 2010

ooh, sorry to hear about the catastrophes. But happy to hear that there were some lovely moments interspersed throughout.

15 12 2010

I hope everyone is feeling better. Indeed Bing Crosby and a little White Christmas can make the world a brighter place. Be well.

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