tree #2

13 12 2010

Because Tree #1 is more of a picture-in-morning-sunlight tree, and I forgot to take that picture this morning. So here’s the next bit of Christmas tree goodness.

pink tree

A candy-pink felt tree, inspired by this one from Inside A Black Apple. (Her trees are cuter, with nicely pointy tops that I’ve failed to manage. Still love it. ) Since we are spending this holiday season away from our own stash of decorations, I’m happily improvising.

pink tree closeup

Wishing you some bright merriment from the subtropics.

His eyes how dey shine…his dimple, how merry!
Maybe he been drink de wine from blackberry!
His cheek was like rose…his nose like a cherry…
On secon’ tought maybe he lap up de sherry!

-from A Cajun Night Before Christmas, by “Trosclair”, Howard Jacobs, James Rice




One response

15 12 2010

Cute! I am really loving candy pink for Christmas right now.

Also glitter. Specifically if the glitter happen to be on reindeer.

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