nap crafting & family hours

12 12 2010

Bebe is a champion nap-taker, sleeping 2-3 hours each day (and some days? not at all) since he was about two months old.


(Bebe, Jan 2010)

Today’s naptime = a little holiday crafting time for Mama. Result?


I’m testing out some really cute paint-your-mug sets that I found at a craft store for about $1 – thinking about using them as stocking stuffers for Bebe’s older cousins. The colors definitely aren’t as bold as the display model’s from the store, yet they’re still awfully fun. Here’s the mug for Bebe – so that he will also get one as a stocking stuffer – embellished with a tree in 4 seasons.

decorated-spring decorated-summer
decorated-autumn decorated-winter

While I was crafting, my sister and sweet nephew (7y.o.) popped in for a quick visit. My nephew helpfully pointed out that 1: Bebe is too little for a coffee mug, and 2: instead, Bebe could probably use it to hold his crayons and pencils and stuff like that. And you know what? I completely agree.

We were lucky to also have spent most of our day filled with grandparents (and one great-grandparent):
attending church with my Granny, who is feisty and very funny,
then Bebe had a frolicking playdate with his cousin at Pawpaw’s house,
while Mama stepped out to have a Ladies’ Lunch with Ganma.

We are loving time with family.

“In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don’t try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present.”
-by Lao Tzu




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13 12 2010

i love this whole post, but it’s the bookends that get me in my gut – sleeping bebe and lao tzu. your happiness and pleasure seeps out and i feel it too.

15 12 2010

Oh, that’s such a cute mug. I think Bebe will love it.

And napping… sigh. That’s become a thing of the past. Even if she really NEEDS one, she refuses.

Although I will say, she’s started to admit at night when she’s tired and needs to go to bed.

15 12 2010

I love this quote by Lao Tzu. I remember the days when my kids were small and how I would sneak in my crafting during naptimes. It’s the only way. Enjoy your creative moments.

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