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11 12 2010

Here’s to pausing in the midst of life to illuminate the happy things*:

Making silly snowmen.

snowman - mini doughnut
(Inspired by edible crafts. For my little ones, eyes = whole allspice; nose = mustard seed; pipe & buttons = whole cloves; arms = 1 toothpick, cut in half.)

Being able to tune our morning radio to WWOZ (New Orleans).
Bebe’s dancing.
Dinner with my sibs & their families.
Bebe romping with cousins.
Trying an easy dessert recipe.

tarte noir
(Tarte Noire with shortbread crust, ganache recipe from Baking by Dorrie Greenspan)

Wearing socks knitted by my friend last Christmas.
Supporting local ‘Coats for Kids’ programs.
A whole neighborhood decorated with mostly white light stars & ‘trees.’ (Bebe says, “WOW” every time.)

Toddler guile = stopping Mama in mid-scold by adamantly stating, “I happy! I funny.”
Toddler sweet = almost learning how to say, “I love you,” by saying, “I too!” (I love you, too)

Wooden rocking chairs, both adult and Bebe-sized.
A bowl of clementines.
Family dogs & cats & fish.
Bebe snuggles.
Making cream scones, and having an extra batch in the freezer for later.

Being with our families this holiday season.

What are some of your Happy Things?

* post inspired by the Happy List from Kate of Foxs Lane)




5 responses

11 12 2010

A lovely list. I like the shortbread yumm

11 12 2010

That is such a wonderful list of happy things!
I just adore that toddler learning to talk stage.
So many of my kids’ learning words are part of our family’s language still today.
Thanks so much for playing along.
Have a happy, happy Sunday.

12 12 2010

Thank you, Kate! I’m thinking of your family, whom I admire so much via your blog, and hoping for a recession of flooding & locusts

15 12 2010

Those are some seriously happy things.

Happy things for me?

Knitting. Definitely.
Listening to my little one sing “The First Noel” (and totally mangling the words)
Kitten snuggles.
Sweet, sweet husband.

15 12 2010

Your ‘happy things’ sound wonderful, especially the singing. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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