orchard, vineyard, pumpkin patch

9 12 2010

[a lost september/october post]

We rambled for apples again this autumn, traveling farther this year to explore new hills for a good bushel of apples. Last year was our first time ever apple-picking, and we were hooked. Love.

Homestead harvesting

This year, we tried new orchards: Homestead Farm in Poolesville, MD (a messy windfall full of drunken bees & wasps, but at least they offer long, lovely hayrides),

Homestead windfall

Homestead hayride

Homestead Farm - jars and mix

and the colonial-era Carter Mountain Orchard in Chartlottesville, VA (a slightly terrifying up-mountain drive, absolutely stuffed with festival-goers, delightful orchard & vineyard, and a cranky Bebe who protested the lovely scenery at top volume – excepting the pumpkin patch).

carter mtn - apple orchard

carter mtn - vineyard

carter mtn - pumpkin rider

And after all that harvesting? Mostly it came down to homemade apple sauce (yumm), plentiful apple butter (Bebe says, YUMMM), appley soups/sauces/stuffing, and lots of contented apple snacking.




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