a gathering of cookies

9 12 2010

[a lost september post]

For a successful cookie decorating party, it is critical to prepare the cookies and toppings in advance. Otherwise, you will have drawn-out chaos, especially as cookies need lots of time to cool (lest your toppings melt and/or slide off). Learn from my mistakes!

But what’s very nice? A leisurely day with a friend to help mix and bake large batches of cookies, natter, and mix frostings.

autumn decorator cookies 2

Especially cream-cheese based frostings. Yumm…


Also, these bite-sized Daisy cookies were super easy – and a great decorator cookie for little bitty kids – requiring just a smoosh with a bottle cap before baking and a little spoonful of jam after baked & cooled.

A really great day, out of my list for a Year of Lovely Things.




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