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9 12 2010

[a lost October post]

Hey, folks! Thanks for your patience. Almost done with the Lost Autumn updates, wrapping up with Halloween.

bumble stinger

What started in September as a simple outing, ended up with Mr. P finding Bebe a bumblebee costume and growing an idea from there.

Mama: A bee? Really?

Mr. P: [insistent] and I can be a Bee Keeper. It’ll be Great!

Mama: [thoughtful pause] Perfect. [hustling everyone to checkout before any mind-changing can happen]

So two months and a couple hours of pipecleaner bee-making later,

bowlful of bees

we have our Bumbe Bebe,

bumble bebe

his Bee Keeper (painting coveralls tagged with ‘bees’ and a converted straw hat), and Mama as a autumn flower fairy (2 red tablecloths also tagged with ‘bees’, some silk flowers, and a pair of fairy wings).

bee theme halloween

Whole-family costume theme? Love.

And really (as friends and siblings and my neph/ices will agree) I will jump at any opportunity to craft costumes and to buy or make fairy wings. Both = Easiest Halloween Ever, very full of laughter, very little candy, strolling with friends and chasing our Bumble Bebe as he dashed away from the crowd in each and every possible direction. Best of times.




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10 12 2010

aww, that’s the most adorable thing EVER! I just love the family costume. When we lived in F’burg, my son surprised me one year by saying he wanted to be fire for halloween. I made a costume, but never thought to expand it and make myself into a fireman or something. The bottom photo in your post is really beautiful.

10 12 2010

Thanks, Lori 🙂 How fun! ‘Fire’ sounds like a wonderful costume request.

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