serenity in action

16 11 2010

Serenity usually brings to mind something
still and quiet:
the silvery surface of unrippled water,
the misty silhouette
of an oak tree
in a grassy field,
a cup of tea.
we find there is also serenity
in action,
as if peace could bloom
in the burning heart
of a candle flame:

running along wet sidewalks in between morning rains

a run between rains

galloping and turning somersaults along gymnastic mats

precariously rushing a child-sized shopping cart down grocery aisles

and then the still, quiet time for naps and more rain, watching Keats & Fanny fall in love (Bright Star), and sewing up some Christmas treats.

wonderland tea tags

Wishing you serenity in your day, whether burning or still.




One response

16 11 2010

oh, Bright Star is such a beautiful movie! and so cozy, with rain outside.

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