hobbit cake and white rabbits

15 11 2010

I swear, this cake makes me feel like a hobbit –

pear almond pudding cake

as in, I am finding extra mealtimes in the day to accomodate eating another slice of almondy buttery sweet pear goodness. I have the sudden urge to change my name to Brandybuck, move to New Zealand (ok, honestly I’ve had that urge for about 20 years), and revel in miscellaneous tea times scattered throughout the day and night. Thanks, The River Cottage Family Cookbook for another great dessert recipe: Pear and Almond Pudding Cake. Yay!

I will post those missing autumn highlights that I mentioned earlier, really I will. Probably later today. Probably.

Because time is full – I actually have a schedule worked out for the next several days. We are also in the midst of getting ready for big things, including Bebe’s birthday, travel, and holidays with our families. My sister is helping with Bebe’s birthday, which will be a Mad Hatter Tea Party, complete with all kinds of homemade Wonderland things. Sooo excited! Some character sketches are done and ready to be transformed into felt creatures:

sketches - cheshire  and rabbit

I have a ridiculous pile of felt sheets to work through, a really fun project list, a delicious baking list, and about a week to get it all done. Life as usual.

Since we will be away from home for his birthday, Bebe has already gotten his gift:

little kitchen

The Little Kitchen by the talented Cheryl of Mama Made Them on etsy. This way he has had plenty of play time – he has been superexcited about it from the moment we hauled it out of its packaging. Just seeing it made him dance with glee. One of his favorite activities for the past four months has been what he calls “I cooking!”, complete with toy food (Melissa & Doug sets) and mini pots & utensils (Ikea), so he having his own little space inspires a lot of joyful shouts, laughter, and the occasional cross-room launching of plastic fruit.




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