hits & misses : august highlights

15 11 2010

[a lost august post]

HIT: toddler bed conversion
With Bebe beginning serious attempts of scaling the sides of his crib (parental visions of him falling off railing in the middle of the night), we converted his crib into its toddler version:

toddler bed transformation

Bebe loved it instantly, very big smiles all around.

MISS : Beet cake

beet cake

We do not like beets. I want to like them – I bought bunches every Saturday all summer in attempts to understand their appeal (they are ok in salad with other things) – but mostly our taste buds balk at the flavor. I’ve tried three different cake recipes. They all looked delicious, smelled wonderful, and had that incredible purple-red color.

beet cake - batter

Also that grassy, beet taste. Mr. P has requested I cease and desist further beet cake attempts. Done!

HIT: Camping

Of course it was the one weekend – between heatwaves – of cold and rain. But camping is camping and we loved it. Campfire grilled steak with s’mores for dessert? Umm, definitely yes. And walks with Bebe and other small friends. And much rushing into other campsights to extract Bebe from his sudden solo-explorations.

And the great thing about long drives to and from the mountains? Time to read, knit, and sing.


MISS: expensive, crowded cavern sites
That’s all.

HITS: Soundtrack

How we Get Our Joy On: here’s a list of the songs we kept on “repeat” all summer and fall (links go to YouTube music videos). Enjoy!

for rocking & dancing
Eat You Up by BoA : S Korea
That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings : UK
The Cave by Mumford & Sons : UK
Las Lunas, Las Estrellas by Furland : Mexico
All You Ever Wanted by The Black Keys : US

for relaxing
Tempo De Amor by Herbie Hancock & Ceu : US & Brazil
Heavy by Dear Reader : South Africa
Walk Around the Lake by Lost in the Trees : US
summertime – by Gershwin (performed by larry adler & itzhak perlman)
Rocketship by Big Rock Candy Mountain : US
Tsukiakari by Rie Fu : Japan

for Bebe
You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne : US
Home & From The Clouds by Jack Johnson : US
animal tracks by mountain man : US
wade in the water performed by eva cassidy : US
dream by Priscilla Ahn : US
Maybe Sparrow by Neko Case : US




3 responses

15 11 2010

the cake looks delicious though i must admit had you served it to me saying it was made of beets… i would have tried to avoid eating it, but ate it out of love, maybe even swallowed it. all in the name of love of course. you, not the beets.

16 11 2010

ah beets. I learned to like them in a salad with arugula, pistachios and goat cheese.

Also, pickled.

But beet cake? Somehow doesn’t appeal.

I wish I could knit in the car. Very jealous.

16 11 2010

I’m with Nani – the beets, we hates them, we do! Much better for dying yarn and fabric. 🙂

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