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12 11 2010

There is something about autumn that sends our life onto a fast-track whirlwind of activities. The cooling temperatures definitely make being outside more bearable (especially after this summer’s heatwaves), so we rush outside and spend all the sunlight hours taking in life in big, happy gulps.

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Now autumn shifts toward winter, with frosty starry nights and blazing drifts of leaves and hopeful speculations on snow. We’re more often bundled indoors and are taking time to write down all the memories.

If you’ve been reading here, sorry for the delay. Over the next week, I’ll catch up with all of the highlights from the past three months: the baking, the adventures, and all the lovely things.

Closing Sale
by Beverly McLoughland

Autumn’s going out of business
Due to threat of snow –
Goldenrod and aster
Chrysanthemum must go.

Bumbee’s out browsing
Nectar’s almost gone,
It’s Autumn’s final bargain days
With Winter coming on.

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One response

12 11 2010

There you are! I’ve been wondering where you’d gotten off to.

Glad you’re back to posting. 🙂

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