best cornbread ever

5 08 2010

Lots of honey around our house lately, thanks to some local beekeepers, and a new collection of sweet empty honey jars.

milk honey peach cake

This weekend we enjoyed trying the Peaches, Milk & Honey Cake, recipe from Heather at Shivaya Naturals. First attempt, I ran out of honey and accidentally added too much baking soda, so it wasn’t quite as tasty as it should have been. But turn it into French Toast and it’s amazing for breakfast.

And if you haven’t seen this recipe already, I have a real baking treasure to share: sweet honey cornbread from Amy at The Gourmand Mom. Go now, or as soon as possible, and try the recipe. The cornbread is light, fluffy, just sweet enough, bakes perfectly, and has sweet bits of fresh corn scattered throughout. Delicious.

I have always failed to make good cornbread, despite multiple recipes from great sources – even the box mixes go wrong in my hands. Very mysterious, very sad. So this was a delightful success on many levels. I wish I had pictures to share, but the first four loaves were immediately devoured by friends and family.

That’s a good sign.

What tasty treats are you enjoying this week?




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5 08 2010

I needed this recipe! I actually walked by the jiffy mix the other day–i was proud. but, i haven’t actually made some yet. Now I have a good place to start. Thanks! & as a beekeeper, I know there’s nothing better than warm cornbread and honey!

5 08 2010
M. House

that does look like the best cornbread ever. omgeeee.

5 08 2010

actually, the cornbread looked even better! this pic is the honey/peach cake 🙂

5 08 2010
Plain and Joyful Living

Yum! cornbread and honey – we have local organic cornmeal and delicious raw honey from a neighbor.
I have been making blackberry pie and blackberry jam (also good on cornbread).
Warm wishes, Tonya

6 08 2010

I love cornbread. Have an obsession with it actually. 🙂

10 08 2010
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Hey corn is my favorite and I also like to eat corn bread very much.Well I think this is good combination of tasty treat.

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