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27 07 2010

Our calendar is busy this week: full of friends, group meals, explorations, and gorgeous weather. Time for adventure (and clean-up) crowds out time for writing & crafting. And Flickr is behaving mysteriously with our picture files. So for the next few days our words may be few and visuals missing.

Bebe and I are trying out a weekly class for toddlers at a local gymnastics studio, trying to decide if we want to commit to a fall semester. So far he spends half the time cautiously circling the group or doing a solo-exploration of the various bars & wedges, a quarter of the time dancing in place whenever music is played, and in the final quarter of time he is all in: shouting, chortling, running with the others, trying to climb the bars.

Here is a missing picture for you to imagine:

Bebe standing barefoot on a red tumbling mat, arms raised up and held very still in a big V of Welcome! or Look! Head back and staring up, eyes crinkled in a smile and that sweet dimple near his smile. Enveloped in a cloud of tiny bubbles and just sort of cooing in amazed wonder.

All in. There’s an almost visible *click* when his comprehension and social comfort level finally connect, and then he launches himself into play. Chin down, arms and legs pumping, and bursts of declamatory speech. Lots of joyful noise, many barbaric yawps. Good times.




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28 07 2010

Love your description of the missing photo.

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