morning market gratitude

24 07 2010

Sipping iced herbal teas
(sweet lemongrass, blackberry mint, and lavender),
nibbling on fresh cherry turnovers – fresh, flakey, sour-sweet,
waving happy hello‘s to friends and neighbors,
browsing through temporary alleys of gorgeous produce,
chasing Bebe through the cool shade and crispy grass of the park:
is there a better way to begin
a summer Saturday morning
than visiting farmstand and farmer’s market?

And then there’s the joy of coming home
and unpacking every beautiful purchase
on our kitchen table.
We are reveling in
the textures of beets, cauliflower, cucumbers;
the aromas of cilantro, basil, peppers;
the colors of farm eggs, berries, grapes, peaches;
and so grateful for
the week’s harvest.

*          *          *          *          *          *

A couple ideas for your home-garden produce? Make little give-away gifts:

a salsa kit – a small pack of assorted tomatoes, garlic, pepper, small onions

salsa kit

pesto pasta kit – give a little jar of fresh-made pesto & a bag/box of pasta

basil e cilantro

Wishing you a great weekend!




2 responses

24 07 2010

Oh boy. My mouth is watering.

Looooooooove pesto. My kiddo has a great attitude about pesto. Her basic question about any food is “can I put pesto on it? Yes? Then I will eat it.”


27 07 2010

Thank you for your comment. That cherry Pie looked and I bet tasted delicious.
What a lovely idea those gift boxes. I miss our allotment in London ;-(
We are just experimenting with some carrotts, french beans, baby gem lettuce, lollo rosso and rocket…they are all coming up lovely. The growing season is soo short here in Sweden and extremes of temps. Will be posting soon about our success. You look like you are v.successful 😉 WONDERFUL!
Julie x

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