elephant’s child

5 07 2010

We had a romping afternoon at the Children’s Museum of Richmond (new Shortpump location). Bebe found mushroom tables that were clearly (to Bebe) actually big drums for pounding.


He also found giant berries to pick, a pirate ship to climb, a cork box filled with buried treasures, and a really cute Mother Goose area with small discovery stations for the under-2’s. And there were plenty of activities for his older cousin, too – a castle, an art room, a vegetable patch, several dress up areas, and a splashy water thing. All around delightful.

cat and the fiddle

Also delightful? Our niece ‘discovered’ this elephant garland waiting for her on our balcony this morning.

elephant garland

She adores elephants, and when I saw this very easy fabric silhouette garland tutorial from Prudent Baby, it was a perfect fit. The project took only a couple hours, and I learned new craft stuff. Gotta love that.

What is bringing you delight and inspiration?




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5 07 2010

What a great museum. We love children’s museums and try to visit them wherever we travel. Enjoy.

6 07 2010

Nice! Love the elephants. So cool.

6 07 2010

what a wonderful aunt you are! the baby elephant walk garland is adorable.

6 07 2010

Thank you! It was a really great tutorial – now I’m trying to think of things that Bebe might like for a garland in his room.

6 07 2010

We bought a membership to the old location a few months ago, I wonder if it will be good at the new one! Sounds like it’s time to take a Richmond trip!

6 07 2010

Membership works at both locations (yay!) – and at many others around the country.

7 07 2010

What a great post. The mushrooms at the museum are super cute. And I adore your elephants on parade garland! That is so sweet!

7 07 2010
Lovely World

I love that garland. What a great idea to hang it on your porch!

12 07 2010

i love that garland, too. so cute.

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