30 06 2010

made a little heart

for my little heart to wear

on a summer day

little heart balloon

Bebe’s Huck pants are nearly finished – both pairs, how I love this pattern – and will be truly finished after I muddle through putting adjustable buttonholes on the waistband elastic. Currently on Attempt #3. Yikes. Taking a break from that, I used the scraps to make a couple of small applique pieces for his t-shirts.

my little heart

Am I the only mama who thinks that most available boy clothes are too busy, too miniature-man in style, or boring? Same with boy clothing patterns, with very few exceptions (I really love Burda and Ottobre patterns). The world is bursting with adorable styles for girls, yet designers & manufacturers forget that post-infant boys are still adorable. They aren’t mini-men, and they aren’t walking billboards. Where are boys’ adorable styles? There are interesting options in France, Japan, and boutiques, but those are also expensive options and not practical for the average family.

boyish (adj) – 1: of or like a boy in looks, behaviour, or character, esp when regarded as attractive or endearing; 2: befitting or characteristic of a young boy; “a boyish grin”; “schoolboyish pranks”; 3: young, immature, childlike.

Dear Clothing World: We need boyish style, practicality, and durability. It’s only going to fit him for 3 to 9 months, so make it worthwhile. Clothes and patterns for making clothes. Please.

That’s all, that’s the only fit of ranting here today. 

Meanwhile, I like a little patch of mama-love on Bebe’s clothes.


And what are you working on this week?




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30 06 2010

Super cute! I agree about boyish clothes, though I don’t have a boy myself. A mom in my early childhood program started sewing-evening events specifically to re-do thrifted clothes to make cute boyish stuff for her sons and those of her friends.

1 07 2010

Oh man… but girl’s clothes? Honestly, I have no desire to dress my daughter like a tiny prostitute. It’s so hard to find clothes for her that aren’t skin tight, midriff bearing slutterwear. It drives me BANANAS.

And really. Thongs for six year old girls. REALLY? Argh.

Also, the walking billboard thing. Drives. Me. INSANE.

I love the little heart applique you put on your boy’s shirt. Supercute.

3 07 2010

awwww…..that’s really adorable, the heart! i completely agree with you about the dearth of cute boys’ clothes. i had to make my own, too. and the previous commenter’s thoughts about little girls’ outfits looking like hookers clothes, so true too. i don’t know why clothing manufacturers see our kids this way.

good thing we don’t have to take it, if we are makers.

but anything looks good on such a smiling boy, i must say. 🙂

4 07 2010

Having 2 boys, I totally agree with this!!
I love the heart patched pocket. Adorable!

9 07 2010

so sweet!
and I agree about boy’s clothes ~ I’m always shocked by the dingy dark stuff (lots of gray!) as if boys shouldn’t wear bright colors

gymboree used to have cute stuff for little guys, but they are expensive

a friend of mine from Argentina has the best boy’s clothes, she brings them back when she visits her family. But that’s a wee bit too far for me to go 😉

make your own is a the best solution!

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