leaf on the wind

24 06 2010

We have a new climber in the house

see how I climb

and beyond the house.

It’s like a new lightbulb bing! turned on in his mind, and suddenly going vertical is a new option. Chairs, boxes, the sofa, dresser drawers (be still, my heart) – anything stacked and relatively stable.

The playground is renewed in his eyes, and the stairs for the slides are most fun. Not the slide itself, mind you, just the stairs. And the platform at the top? Apparently it’s a great place to just perch and contemplate life.




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24 06 2010

Miss you, and oh how Bebe has grown! He is so handsome! Looks like you are enjoying being a stay-at-home mom, and a very successful one at that! Give everyone a hug for me! Miss our sushi nights!

24 06 2010

Wow, he looks like a real boy now. He’s not a baby anymore. The climbing thing doesn’t last very long. Once he knows what he’s capable of he’ll focus on something else. 🙂 What a sweet boy.

24 06 2010

OH. THE NOW-VERTICAL LIFE. well, your relaxing days are over. 🙂

25 06 2010

I’m hedging my bets the slide is popular once more, with the discovery that it can be climbed UP! Non?

25 06 2010

Oh man. Yeah, the days of relaxing at the playground are definitely over. Criminy.

My girl is still climbing everything she can. Up until recently she’d left the bookcases alone, but now, all of a sudden at 4, she wants to climb them? EEK!

28 06 2010

so cute! he looks SO big, but you probably knew that already.

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