peach season

17 06 2010

Ah, summer: we know it’s really, truly summertime when the peaches arrive – the local, fragrant, just-picked-this-morning peaches. Mr. P loves a good peach. And I love being able to go to the farm and thank the peach-picker herself, trading her fruit for cash as she’s taking a break with a tall glass of iced tea.

I love how that smell of ripe peaches fills up the car as we drive home, and how Bebe loves to hold a peach in his hand. At home he holds the peach up to the light and close to his face, turning his wrist to look at the changing blaze of colors. He snuggles the fuzzy fruit under his chin, that little dimple popping out when he smiles. He licks it, gnaws a little, wrinkles his nose, and then throws it across the room. Not quite a peach eater yet, clearly.

Look out for peach recipes in the weeks to come, because our kitchen will remain well-stocked. For tonight, we just kept it simple: slices of peach next to grilled chicken with roasted cauliflower and broccoli. Lovely.

Off to drink tea and laugh with the knitting group tonight, and my goal is to finish the neck and arm edging for Bebe’s autumn vest (colors purple and gold for LSU football season).

lsu vest - nearly finished

Got any good peach recipes? Leave a message!




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17 06 2010

PEACHES……peach preserves, peach jam, peach cobbler, peaches out of hand, peaches sliced in cereal, you made me get all dreamy-eyed. 🙂

18 06 2010

Oh how I love peaches. I know that for most people the strawberry is the favorite, but peaches are mine. Peach tea bread, peach cake, peace wine, oh the list goes on. Can’t wait to see your recipes

18 06 2010

I am so sorry, I adore peaches but am unable to eat them. I don’t think I have any recipes. I think they would be delicious in a strawberry smoothie… They are really good in muffins too. (I used to eat them and still recall the sweet and delicious flavor!)

This sweater is so pretty! I love the unusually beautiful color combination you have selected.

18 06 2010

ooo grilled is awesome sis. if i can find long cinnamon sticks i uses those.
scewer on the cin stick (sliced in 1/2 length wise) , or on reg scewers with powedered cinnamon.

grill 4 min each side. i do the inside first then the round outter side next, and place mint leaves on the flat side. drizzle with honey. i eather serve with grilled chicken or vanilla ice cream.

18 06 2010

Oh, I loooooooooooove peaches. (But am highly allergic to the fuzz, so no picking for me).

We used to bring them home from the orchard (prepicked) and our guinea pigs would start whistling like CRAZY as soon as we brought them in the house. They loved peaches. It was pretty funny.

9 07 2010

That vest is just darling! scrumptious colors ~ perfect for fall.

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