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14 06 2010

Sometimes our camera doesn’t keep up with our living, and those bright, incredible activities are only seen in glowing memories. This was one of those weekends.

Bebe went away on his very first overnight camping trip with Mr. P and friends. He walked through gorgeous mountains, played hard with bigger kidlets, slept fine in a tent, and came back bursting with stories to tell his Mama. An awfully big adventure for Father’s Day!

While the boys were away, I had a lovely visit with one of my kindred spirits and her family. I completely forgot to take pictures, but we enjoyed dinner at a good pub, tasty beverages, and a very hot (very hot) final weekend at the Virginia Renaissance Faire.

One of the ladies in my RenFaire group is wonderfully talented, and she made each of us a small leather photo album.

VA RenFaire - gift cover

The leather cover is completely handmade, from stamping to staining to binding, and each album was designed to reflect some aspect of our RenFaire character. Gorgeous work, ne?

I hope this weekend brought you a few adventures & glowing memories, too.




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14 06 2010


I went to the Virginia Ren Faire many many moons ago. It was an awesome experience.

You should come back and blog some more about it!

16 06 2010

I’m so glad you got to spend time with your friends. So you like Ren fairs? My family comes from this Medieval town called Visby Gotland in Sweden. Are usual dress in Medieval and we have this great tournament during the summer. Everyone looks like they stepped back in time. Have a look Be sure to look at all of the photos. It’s so fun.
many happy summer days to you.

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