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29 05 2010

Buckets of baking in our kitchen yesterday. Buckets. Hours of random, manic, fun baking.

Chive & garlic dinner biscuits (quasi-fail)
I should know better than to mess with a Test Kitchen recipe, because it is already super-tested and basically perfect. Yah. So my culinary detour (so small, really) turned into super soggy, sticky dough that was ridiculous/impossible to knead. More flour didn’t really help, nor more flour after that. Nor some more on the kneading surface. Nor did flinging bits of dough around with a shriek of disgusted frustration. Mrah!

The final consistency barely made it possible to cut the dough into biscuit rounds, and they came out of the oven as dense, chewy, floury ROCKS. That tasted like garlic and chives. Eh. Bebe ate one, out of loyalty and his love of all things bread. I ate one, just to show those biscuits who was boss. And the rest are still sitting in a glass jar by our table, smirking at me. Feh.

Lavender cookies (interesting)
An addition to my 100 Desserts in 2010 list. I meant to make these in March, but so many things went slant that month, so here we are in May.

lavender cookies

Recipe is from the King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion recipe book (yay for birthday presents from Mr. P!). It recommends 1-3 tsp of dried lavender, according to taste.

baking with lavender

I like lavender-flavored ice cream, tea, etc., so I used 2 tsp and found it a bit too much. Lovely smelling breath afterward, but I can’t eat more than 2 cookies at a time. Goes down easier with something to balance the intense flavor – like a bit of cream cheese or strong black tea. Definitely start with 1 tsp instead.

Raspberry buttermilk cake (super yummm)

Bebe has decided that raspberries are tasty. And plums. Two acceptable fruits added to our menu in one week, huzzah! Go Bebe.

yum berries

And he really loved them inside this cake, recipe courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.

raspberry cream cake

We loved it, too. I had some for breakfast, with my lunch, and also after-dinner tea. Now the cake is almost gone. So sad. So delicious. Lucky for us we still have farm-fresh raspberries available. Love that.

What kind of treats are you loving lately?




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31 05 2010

Fresh cherry bread pudding, recipe posted on an old food blog I maintained for a couple of years. I also made it with apples, with blackberries, and with fresh peaches. Really good! But I’ve got a quart of buttermilk sitting around needing to be used, so I think I’ll make the SK raspberry buttermilk cake you made….it looks so great!

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