splish splash

27 05 2010

Things to enjoy on a hot day in late May:

1. Splashing in a shady stream

splish splash

Bebe charged off the park trail toward the sound of running water. I snapped a couple photos during his very brief pause for temperature testing splashes, and then came his happy leap into middle of the stream. I was expecting more testing time in the shallows, so the happy leaping took me by surprise. Always a water baby.

creek jumper

No after-pictures, since I couldn’t juggle camera and dripping child at the same time, but it was excellent fun.

2. Summer shawl knitting

nightsongs - wip

There’s never a bad time for shawl knitting, really, and it’s a great way to get back to my needles after a whole season away. This pattern has been in my queu for a while, it’s very pretty – Gail/Nightsongs by Jane Araujo/Mawelucky. The yarn (Dream in Color Smooshy, Bermuda Teal colorway) is something I won in a lottery card from Eat.Sleep.Knit. The color is just saturated and so intense, I love it. I rejoined my weekly knitting group last week, again after months away, and am so happy to be back in the company of some talented and very funny ladies.

3. Tending the garden

balcony garden

We don’t have a yard, but our balcony gets great sunlight in the afternoons. This year in our containter garden, we’ve planted two varieties of tomato, mint, strawberry, lavender, rosemary, basil, thyme, peppers, and cilantro. After recovering from a week of transfer-shock and then chilly weather, all the plants are bursting with new growth. If you like lavender (and we do), it smells amazing when the breeze comes through your door.

4. After-dinner trip to the local ice cream shop

summer ice cream

Bebe’s first taste of ice cream – serious yummm for Mama’s pistachio scoop. A cool and breezy twilight strolling with the family: a delightful segue into summer.

How are you sliding into summer?




5 responses

27 05 2010

Bebe is getting so big!
Too cute : )
It looks like you are enjoying this new season!

28 05 2010

Love the photos and so happy to hear summer is in full swing for you all.
I must ask – did you buy the plants when they were bigger or did you start with seeds? My seedlings are no where near that large yet.

28 05 2010

Normally I start with seeds in sprout tray in early March and then plant the seedlings 4-6 weeks later, but we were out of state for the whole month. We planted these as small seedlings in mid-April – they were just peeking over the tops of the pots then. My one seed planting (thyme) is just now peeking over the top of its container. We also brought them indoors several times when the night frosts & cold snaps were still happening.

28 05 2010

Ah, I remember the first taste of ice cream for my little one. What an awesome moment. I’m glad you got some pictures…

28 05 2010
the mistress

Love the pictures, and so glad you are back! =)

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