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26 05 2010

A brief patch of blue skies made for a beautiful Tuesday: bubbles, live music, fresh baked cookies, and balloons escaping into magnolia trees. Bebe & I met our playgroup at one of the parks in town, a delightful way to rejoin the group after being on hiatus since March.

Towels and picnic blankets were spread all over the grassy shade, small children romping in the green spaces (many chasing bubbles from a small bubble machine), small vendor booths here and there, and white chairs & tables set up for grandparents and folks who prefer sitting off the ground. And a young duo on stage playing blues and pop songs. Lovely!

Bebe was less impressed by such delights. Sometimes the band’s music caught his attention, made him pause and dance. Bebe Dancing: he turns to grin at me, then bends his legs and bounces up and down while swinging his arms. Sometimes he almost shimmies. Ridiculously adorable.

Ignoring bubbles and children, he kept running into the shrubbery or toward cars passing along the street. Mostly I think he just loves being chased at high speed and then caught by Mama. Sometimes he does this funny arm gesture when he runs – arms held straight and angled slightly behind him as if holding a cape, hands in fists or with fingers spread, chin tucked down, then runrunrun! We call it his “burst of speed” sign.

Mama took a break to visit the farm stand with Bebe securely on my hip. Strawberries were very tempting, but Bebe is not a fan of any berry yet. So we came away with some lovely vegetable additions for our dinner menu: Swiss chard (pretty yellow & fuschia stems) and a bundle of sweet carrots with high bushy tops.

The chard was sauteed with olive oil and garlic, and the carrots sliced into coins cooked with butter, fresh mint leaves, and a teensy bit of sugar. Delicious! Bebe gobbled up all of his veggies and then came back for more. We heart summer veggies, yes we do.




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26 05 2010

Oh how I remember the funny running when my kids were small. Don’t you love the fact that the farm stands are open again? The chard sounds delicious. Enjoy running after baby.

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