still life with toddler

3 05 2010

So be sure when you step
Step with care and great tact
and remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act

– from Oh, The Places You’ll Go, by Dr. Seuss

Dear family & friends:

We are well, Bebe is very well and constantly bouncing around with toddler glee. His newest trick (especially when doing something he knows he ought not) is to scrunch up both eyes and wrinkle his noise and smile a great big smile and invite me to laugh. Bebe has had EIGHT new teeth come in since our last post, so that’s a delightfully toothy smile.

We took a very long – and much-anticipated – trip to the southwestern desert in March and spent weeks soaking up the lovely warmth, exquisite art, yummy food, and grandparent love. April was a whirl of more traveling, family visits, and Renaissance Festival rehearsals & research (lovely); first-time allergies, croup, strep throat for our little person (unlovely); and some wretched poison ivy and stomach flu for Mama (yuck). Time flew by so filled and so fast, I completely missed out on the cherry blossom season. So that’s one thing to move to next year’s Year of Lovely Things list. 

Bebe has taken to sitting himself down by the porch with a favorite book for twenty to forty minutes – especially in the morning when the birds are very chirpy – and re-tell the story in his own words (complete with hand gestures, occasional page turning, and mysterious Bebe chatter). Love that

We are resting hard and living well. Our days overflow with intense play, long chattering ‘talks’, meandering walks through woods, fields, and town. We are

kite flying
plane, car & train riding
tooth drooling
ball juggling
field romping

alas, no knitting nor baking nor crafting (nor germ-sharing)
nor much picture taking

but as a very good trade
we’ve had a great bursting of
life living
teeth sprouting
child chasing
and tickling
and teaching
and loving.

At the end of the day, we are sitting on the swing in the evening to watch the sun go down or the stars come out. In between all of this, we squish in much dancing and laughing and a little (very little) housework.

So that is what has  filled our days during this very long pause between posts. Thank you for your patience and so many generous expressions of concern. This week will be chock-full of hectic costume sewing (boning and hand eyelet making and french seaming, oh my), but that just means some great pictures for you next week. And I’m thinking some rum babas and hazelnut sponge cake. Yummm…




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3 05 2010

Thank you for sharing once again in this space, you were in my thoughts and were missed. I am so happy to read of the beauty and joy that has been encompassing your days!

3 05 2010

i’m finally catching up on blogs and glad to hear that your family is well again. good to hear from you.

4 05 2010

Sounds like your days have been filled with good things! Glad to hear you are all well & I look forward to more posts about the stuff you’re up to~

5 05 2010
the mistress

It was so good to see you. I miss you and bebe already. Hugs and much love.

11 05 2010

I’m so glad to hear all is well.

I had forgotten about the teething thing. I promise, it does end…

Glad to hear all is well. Check back in when you can. We’ll all be here.

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