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1 03 2010

I love this theme, it renews my appreciation of morning and attention to the touch of light throughout the day. We watched the morning from every window (several times),

watching morning

then walked from patch to patch of melting snow during our walk,


and sat on the swings at the playground for a long time, enjoying the blue skies and watching a flock of crows swoop from rooftop to treetop, over the field and away.

My Vintage Swap package for Imene went out today, here’s a glimpse:

vintage sewing card vintage sewing case

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Olympics giveaway. Congratulations to…

I’m a knitter–these would be wonderful to win. Thank you for the generous giveaway and the chance to win!
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2 03 2010

You’re so lucky to be closing in on spring! Here it feels like winter’s going to last forever… Luckily, I like snow and winter, but I do look forward till nature starts defrosting!

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