delicious possibilities

21 02 2010

Lately we have been…

preparing for our 4th Annual Sheep & Shenanigans Weekend ::: cherrs!


hibernating like the great brown bear in this book ::: which Bebe is loving to pieces and Mr. P patiently tapes back together again

loving every time smiling-Bebe-staggers-towards-you-for-snuggly-hugs ::: it’s a new trick this week, and ridiculously adorable

enjoying sweet treats from the valentines swap ::: thank you Nicola, Mandy, and Kyndale

val-swap received

reading a small stack of classics (woolf, proulx, welty, wharton) ::: social melodrama

watching a lovely, sunny documentary ::: wish we were there right now, on a beach, without all of the cold & mushy winter outside…

thinking about what to bake next ::: delicious possibilities

Do you have any links to a great dessert recipe?




4 responses

21 02 2010

I like the title to your post : )
So fun to see my little mushrooms there!
Hmmm… I have not come across any yummy desserts, I will now be on the look-out! xo

22 02 2010

i did make some really excellent cookies last week;
they have alot of sugar, so i kept them small for my small guy.
i like your sheep drawing!

22 02 2010

Thanks! I love a good batch of chocolate chip cookies 🙂

22 02 2010

Thanks for the beautiful valentine! We have a lot of desserts going on around here this week with 3 birthdays. Right now we are thinking coconut cake can cannoli.

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