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17 02 2010

A quick update on my Ravelympics projects!

[Ravelympics logo by zzwhitejd/Jenny Raymond, used with permission]

Finished: garter mitts

Knit (and seamed, then re-seamed) 1 pair of fingerless mitts for Mr. P’s mom. No pictures, alas. But the yarn was wonderfully soft and fuzzy – undyed silver-grey alpaca yarn from a huge mill-end skein that I found at last year’s Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.

Chagrin! Laughter! Do-Over! The mitts are knit flat, then seamed up lenthwise from wrist toward palm. Sounds easy. Actually IS easy. Yet I made the ridiculous error of folding them the wrong way (top to bottom instead of side to side) and was completely puzzled when they came out such a weird, baggy shape. Showed them to my wonderful mother-in-law, still puzzled, and then we looked at my own pair that I’d just made last week. And she (not I, the actual knitter/gift-giver) immediately spotted the problem. So an hour and a nap later, the seams were ripped and fixed. Yar!

In-progress: Haruni shawl

Finished the first repeat of Chart A – very slow progress (but that’s me) and there’s a lovely box leaf pattern emerging. It’s hard to get a good picture since the yarn is such a dark color. 


I’m using Knit Picks Palette – a little stiff and splitty, though that will probably (hopefully) improve after washing/blocking. Love the color, “Merlot Heather,” it’s really like a dark wine with tiny bits of gold and scarlet and deep purple. The color makes me think of that opening line in the Iliad, where Homer’s describing a scene of the Mediterranean waters as the “wine-dark sea.”

So glad I’m starting this now instead of January. There have been several updates & fixes made to the pattern since then, so I downloaded a new copy of the pattern. This is my first time following a lace chart for a shawl – I’ve tried before and got lost in the symbols, swore quite a bit, tossed needles and yarn around, changed projects.

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