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14 02 2010

My stamped cards have been sent for the Valentines swap! I love them, and I hope the recipients do, too.

cards for valentines swap

Out there in the wide, creative world, there are some really lovely Valentines projects. I really want to try these ones:

cutout musical hearts for new wall art

homemade solid perfume

valentines made with toddler prints & origami
shrinkydink love notes

making a brightly quilted table runner
pretty felt “be mine” birds

tiny little hearts (ravelry login)
a last minute valentine
superbulky (and superfast) heartfelt neckwarmer

sweet petit heart cookies
turning disaster brownies into love bites
molding sugar hearts for your tea or coffee, inspired by martha
scrumptious-looking raspberry, almond, & ricotta tarts
pink cake pops

And I love these 50 simple ideas for the whole year, because as the lady I met Saturday morning in the bakery line said, “Love is ALL year, every day, not just on Valentines.”




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14 02 2010
Valarie Budayr

Greetings. I just wanted to say hi and thanks for stopping over. The cards look beautiful. I’m doing mine right now and they should be off soon. Have a great Valentines Day.

14 02 2010

Oh, I love your little trees. Isn’t stamp carving so satisfying?

15 02 2010
Linda Kristin

Pretty cards. And the woman in the bakery line was right.

15 02 2010

It is so exciting to see your cards, they are gorgeous I can hardly wait : )
I love what the woman in the bakery said, so true.

15 02 2010

Such beautiful cards. Perfect for winter and valentine’s day. Lovely

16 02 2010

your cards are beautiful! the black and white is such a sophisticated color palette. and so true – love is for every day.

11 03 2010

that card was perfect. i still love the fac that just seeing it i know it was from you. my nieghbor thinks i’m crazy cause i saw the back and when she asked who it was from i said “my sister” before i even turned it over. 🙂 i wuv your face!

i bought the wax and almond oil and containers for the solid perfume! yay! just have to find the essential oils. It reminds me of the perfumes we got in greece. remember?!

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