13 02 2010

Our outlook for Valentines is simple, just a bit more mindful of the love and lovely things around us. Here are our hope-to-do plans (because with a child, all plans are subject to change and innovation):

Treats for morning
Sleep in a bit if baby will cooperate. Nope, Bebe woke up extra early.
Make waffles with fruit toppings. Yumm… Totally yumm!
Wear pajamas until noon. Dressed earlier for snowy walk.

Treats for daytime
Take a family walk through the snowy, snowy neighborhood. Play with neighborhood puppies if they are also out walking. Lovely, even if there weren’t any puppies about.
Go to the bookstore or craftstore with the family. Purchase something we love. Done!
Bake cookies. Missed
Take a nap. Done!

Treats for evening
Make yummy soup for dinner. Done! Tasty Squash & Apple Soup.
Bake personal cheesecakes in our heart-shaped springform pans. Mr. P made dark chocolate brownies instead.
Play a little guitar. Missed

IndieFixx has a really nice giveaway for pampering yourself or a lady you love. What kind of treats you are planning for Valentines?




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14 02 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! I love your planned activities!

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