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11 02 2010

Hearts week continues and Oh, my! our sweet Bebe is simmering with emotions these days.

Bebe after blizzard

He swings, he whirls, he has 15 new emotions every minutes. We’re all a little exhausted by the experience and are catching extra sleep whenever possible. The whole family had a marathon nap while we were home-bound in the blizzard yesterday.

Meanwhile, the great dessert list is slowly growing – I found a super cookie resource at the library last week.

library baking

I have discovered that Mr. P has a favorite cookie. It’s an American classic: peanut butter cookies.

peanut butter cookies

Personally, I am not a fan of peanut butter in my food (besides sandwiches) so I haven’t made these cookies before. Last night’s giant batch was split between our cookie jar, a stash for Mr. P’s co-workers, and a thank-you gift for the neighbors who recently gave us a homebaked bread loaf.

TWO fun craft products yesterday. Two! I don’t know how that happened, weird time warp, I think.

Crafty One (finally): mitts for me. The third mitt pattern was the charm. The sweet fern mitts had a chart error (I’ve since downloaded the errata from the publisher’s website); those mitts were, alas, designed for larger wrists & hands, so I had to frog/unravel the project; and Ysolda’s garter stitch mitts were just right. I love them very much, it was very interesting to see all the shaping emerge using short rows.

ysolda garter mitts

Craft: knitting
Pattern: garter stitch mitts by Ysolda Teague (free pattern)
Yarn: Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash (855 Cranberry)
For more details, see Ravelry.

Crafty two: stamp carving.

tree stamp carving

I joined a sweet little Valentines card swap hosted by Gardenmama: spread the love this month and send a note to 10 swap partners around the world. It’s a great idea, and it illuminated a way for me to connect several random lovelies into one project. There are three trees right outside our back window. I love them in all seasons, but they are especially lovely in winter. Cardinals like to perch in the branches during snowstorms, and the male birds are a brilliant splash of red against all the white and shades of grey.

I decided to make these images into a stamp for Valentines/winter – hearts perched on a winter tree. Stamp carving is fun – although my first attempt was very embarassing, since I forgot about the whole backwards image thing and spent hours making a very nice unreadable stamp. This one came out much, much better.

Take that, blizzard!




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11 02 2010

your stamp came out great! and personally I love, love peanut butter cookies–Mr. P has great taste. But you knew that already, right? 🙂

12 02 2010

Thanks 🙂 You might see if you library has this cookie book – they have a bunch of peanut butter cookie recipes.

11 02 2010

hmmmmm cookies, I’m the opposite and don’t like peanut butter on it’s own, but in baking it’s one of my favourites. I’ve got a really yummy chocolate recipe with peanut butter if you would like it. We make them every Christmas only LOL

Love your gloves, and well done on the stamp carving. I’ve always wanted to make my own stamps but haven’t been brave enough. Might get my partner onto that, he’s a fantastic carver 🙂

12 02 2010

I know I’m weird – it’s one of the few foods I don’t care for. Thanks for the recipe offer, but I have to decline. 🙂 I am itching for Mr. P to finish the current cookie jar so that I can move on to a different kind of cookie!

11 02 2010

I love the stamp and mitts!!
I would love to start baking but I am searching for a good book. Any recommendations?

12 02 2010

I am still a new baker, myself, but I am really enjoying the King Arthur Flour cookbook that I mentioned in this post, as well as the America’s Test Kitchen series (from PBS). I like them because of how they explain how and why certain ingredients and conditions work (or don’t work). My local library has been a great resource for cookbooks, and I am still exploring & learning. You should definitely post this question on the Vintage Swap site, they would probably have good suggestions too!

13 02 2010

Sweet son, delicious cookies and a beautiful stamp!

13 02 2010

Super cute hat on your little one! I assume you made it.

BTW…thanks for stopping by my blog (and commenting!), it has been so lovely to come over and explore yours.

14 02 2010

I’m with Mr. P. PB cookies are the *best*! I also really like your tree stamp. I’ve been doing more stamps this year, but lots of little ones. I’ll have to try one that is a bit bigger.

14 02 2010
Camille Dumas Davis

If you would consider, I would love to trade a rabbit for a pair of those cozy gloves! Let me know. Your friend, Camille!

14 02 2010

Sweet! What a great idea! your rogue rabbits are adorable. Let me know what color mitts you’d like and I’ll get knitting. Thank you 🙂

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