geaux saints

5 02 2010

Can you see the love?

geaux saints

We’re raising a New Orleans Saints fan here. Can’t you tell?

Ordinarily, this would just be a lifelong lesson on hope and tragedy, but this year the Saints have made it to the Super Bowl. First time ever. Either way things go on Sunday, this football season is a story to be cherished by generations of Saints fans. It will become part of the social folklore of Louisiana.

They’ve re-scheduled major Mardi Gras parades to account for all of the Krewe members needing to watch or attend the Super Bowl. People started setting off fireworks and dancing in the street after the last game, shrieking with joy. Babies will undoubtedly be named after the team members. It’s epic.

The family has sent Bebe lots of NOLA Saints clothing. I think he could go 3-4 days in a different Saints outfit. But this one’s almost done: he’s growing fast, my tall & happy baby.

Who Dat, y’all?




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6 02 2010

Who Dat!

I might actually have to watch the game this year. I have lots of friends and family in that region. 🙂

6 02 2010
the mistress


6 02 2010
Gypsy Forest

🙂 Too funny….

8 02 2010
the mistress

They won! YAY!
I didn’t watch, but I did go to a Mardi Gras party. Everyone has a story about hurricanes, and mine includes you. =) Those things are dangerous.
My king cake got rave reviews, and it was fun to give the finder of the bebe a prize. Good times.
Hope you and your family are surviving “Snowpocalypse.” What a fun name.

8 02 2010

Thanks for your Year of Lovely Things. It really helped me to have gratitude and see the lovely things in my life today.

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