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2 02 2010

Snow over the weekend and more snow tonight – and maybe more later in the week! We’re having fun, really need to find a sled.

snow day

New dessert #3/100: Old Fashioned Molasses Drops, recipe from Moosewood Restaurant: New Classics by The Moosewood Collective.

molasses drops

Very nice – not too sweet, very chewy. Excellent with a mug of hot tea. Bebe loves half a cookie as a snack, and the Molasses Drops got a thumbs up from Mr. P’s co-workers. It’s a good addition to our dessert recipes. I didn’t use wheat germ, since we don’t usually have that in the house, and they still came out yummy.

Have started Saartje’s Booties #2: actual newborn size.

saartje 2 - wip

Nearly finished with the Faraway Shawl!

faraway shawl - wip

I love knitting shawls because the first 2/3 of the project flies by and is so exciting to see emerge from the needles. Then it slows to a crawl. By the end there are a million stitches and potentials for trouble. Last night I spent an hour on one 1.5 lines of stitches, realized there was a ghastly error, and then spent another hour undoing all of those stitches. If I can get it right, the layered drop stitch pattern is going to be lovely.

What are you working on this week?




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3 02 2010

that red shawl is gorgeous! i’m off to your rav project page for more details. i love the softness of the colors.

and how do you keep from nibbling Bebe’s cheeks all day long? he’s so so cute! i lived in fredericksburg for 5 years, and one thanksgiving we got more snow than i’ve ever gotten anywhere else i lived, including rochester ny!

3 02 2010

Snow here, too, though it’s supposed to melt pretty quickly.

Love the red shawl!

Right now I’m just finishing up a bunch of WIPs. Only have two projects on the needles, which feels really strange, but I plan on starting two more pretty quickly. (Coraline by Ysolda and something else)

4 02 2010

It’s refreshing to work on something bright when everything is winter colored outside. I’m so impressed by the way you churn out lovely projects, especially the big ones. Looking forward to seeing your Coraline.

3 02 2010
the mistress

Don’t you just love the orderliness of the stitches when you knit with fingering weight yarn and small gauge needles? Everything just looks so neat and even. It makes me happy.
BTW, I love the yarn you are using for the booties. I can’t wait to see the finished project.

4 02 2010

Fingering weight projects seem to take forever sometimes, but they are so beautiful. I wish I were skilled enough to try socks, but all that work w/DPNs… Magic loop with 2 circular needles seems cool – one of the ladies in my new knitting group (!) was working on a sock project last week.

4 02 2010
the mistress

I haven’t made socks, but I did make gloves on DPN’s. (I will bring them to Sheep and Shenanigans.) It took awhile to get used to the DPN’s, but I love the look. It was a nice challenge.

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