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1 02 2010

I did a test run of the Saartje’s Booties knitting pattern with the yarn that I mentioned earlier. Um, yeah: bigger yarn + needles = booties sized for our 1-year old Bebe, not a newborn.

saartje 1

But very cute, and Bebe wears them around the house in place of socks. So I have to start again in fingering weight (as the pattern suggests, derf) with teensy-tiny needles. The booties are SUPERcute, but oy! there are a bazillion ends to weave in when you put the pieces together. After months and months of flirting with me, the pattern has finally revealed that it is not an instant-gratification project: quick to knit, yes, but very fiddly to assemble.

At least I finally got to use my new ball-winder

yarn winder - 1st try

and yarn-swift (a holiday present from Mr. P). The yarn swift was especially fun for Mama & Bebe. He loved all of the colors & spinning, I loved the speedy transition from pretty twisted skein to pretty ready-to-knit skein.

Unfortunately, I am afraid this kind of knitty efficiency will just enable more impulsive knitting projects, which always seem to tempt me around 10 or 11pm, “Hey, you can’t sleep? Start that cute project. You already have the perfect yarn…” I used to fend off this blandishment by the soothing (but very hour-consuming) hand-winding of a yarn skein into a knit-ready yarn ball. At the end of all that winding – and re-winding when I drop the ball a few times, I am usually tired and ready to sleep. Late night project successfully avoided. Now that I have swift & a ball winder in my life, we’ll see how much sleep I’ll lose to cute knitting projects…

And speaking of cute knitting projects – yay! – Bebe’s Lime vest is nearly done.

lime 2

Just need to add buttons, block it, and c’est fini. The pattern size is supposed to fit 12-24 month, but I think the length, width & especially armholes are snug. This would have fit Bebe perfectly at 9 months, which means I should have just finished it in September. Yar! Mr. P says it’s perfect, and Bebe doesn’t actually care. Those cables to me forever to learn & do, but I love them on Bebe.

More kitchen yumminess this weekend:

homebaked calzone

Thyme & rosemary calzones stuffed with ricotta & mozarella cheese, broccoli, garlic & prosciutto. Adapted from the recipes in Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg & Zoe Francois. Delicious.




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2 02 2010

that’s so good to know, that those booties are fiddly to finish! i’m collecting bootie patterns for quick knitting when my daughter makes the call to tell me she’s expecting. they’re so cute, though – and i love the idea of them in larger size for a baby bebe’s age!

and the vest – delicious. those cables make me want to nibble a baby tummy. 🙂

2 02 2010

The vest is gorgeous!

And yeah, having a swift and ballwinder makes all the difference in the world. I love mine passionately.

I like the booties. I’ve been thinking about casting on for Ysolda’s little shoes sometime soon, even though I don’t know anyone who’s pregnant or that has a small child.

2 02 2010

Your little one is just too cute! : )
I lovelove the vest, so beautiful and love that you made the booties in a larger size that is always something I had wished for when my littles were toddlers.

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