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24 01 2010

This week’s addition to the year of lovely things:

make a family photo wall

family photo wall

When my nephew was a toddler, his daycare center had families supply them with pictures of each child’s immediate family members who lived far away, along with names/nicknames for each person. Part of the daily ritual for the children was to “greet” their family – thereby learning the names & faces of loved ones whom they only got to see a few times a year. And let me tell you, it was bring-me-to-tears cute to have that tiny person shriek my name with glee when he saw my face after being away for months & months.

I wanted to recreate that for Bebe, and it’s finally here. We found simple clip frames on sale at Ikea. Most of the pictures are done, a few have been requested (where I didn’t have a face-forward shot). We’ve started including this into our daily schedule – Mr. P or I hold Bebe and point to each person, “Look! It’s [family relation]. Hi, [name]!”

Loving it.

And there’s dessert #2/100 for my list of 100 new desserts:

lemon cakes

lemon cake

I am really intimidated by baking, which is why I love the challenge of this list – to try 100 new desserts recipes over the course of the year. This one was inspired by the very talented Lori of Thrums (thank you, Lori!). The superyummy recipe is from The Barefoot Contessa. Lots of lemon zest, lots of fresh lemon juice, lots of fun to make, and sooo delicious. Perfect with a mug of hot tea or cold milk.

Cake for breakfast this week: yummm…




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24 01 2010
the mistress

I love the idea of the family photos. =) I have another friend who did the same thing, and it worked really well for her daughter.
I have the same IKEA frames in my living room, and a couple of them hold B&W pictures of you from our trip to NYC (Fall 1997!).

25 01 2010

Your lemon cakes look amazing! That’s such a good recipe, it’s never failed me yet. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. You and Bebe have a great week!

25 01 2010

lemon cake…………yum………… looks absolutely delicious!

25 01 2010

You bought stuff from Ikea? I’m shocked!!! 😉

26 01 2010

Twist my rubber arm, right? And that was Mr. P’s idea! I was all for stringing wire & hanging the pictures with clips, but he wanted frames.

26 01 2010

lemon cake sounds SO good! i want to live in your house with all of those new desserts.

27 01 2010

Your house, too! You did some awesome baking over the holidays – I printed all of the recipes you wrote about. 🙂

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