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5 01 2010

A year ago, I found an alternative to New Year’s resolutions: a year of lovely things by Jessica at Utopia Parkway and this year also Maggie’s Mighty Life List from Mighty Girl. The idea is to make a list of simple, fun activities for each week of the year. There’s no pressure if they don’t happen, but how nice if they do!

Although I didn’t specifically write about them here, I checked off most of my list for 2009. Yay! And doing so brightened our year in small, easy ways. I still love the idea, and we’ll do it again this year with a little more oomph

There are 53 weeks in 2010, including last week’s first (and very short) week in January. That makes for one lovely thing each week, which I hope will be very manageable. My 53 Lovely Things for 2010:

MAKE clothes for Bebe | candy | a puppet | a family photo wall | something lovely | stuff for Ravelympics | paint a wall mural | a book for Bebe | a skirt and/or dress | a sweater | BAKE a new dessert | bread | a turkey | cinnamon rolls | 5 new vegetarian dishes | GIVE time & money to local food bank | a nice treat for Mr. Perches | knit baby hat for local hospital | participate in a local blood drive | a love note for Mr. Perches | knit hat for local homeless shelter | time for a Habitat for Humanity house build | knit hat for Nest Maine | donate backpack items to Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center | PAMPER get a manicure | do mehndi | dye hair a crazy color for a little while | go see a movie | paint toenails bright purple | LEARN a new dance step | more sign language (ASL) | try canning/preserving something | HOST a hanami (cherry blossom viewing picnic) | friends at park for bubble-blowing | a $5 thriftstore contest (see who can get the coolest purchase for under $5) | some kind of online -along | a Family Dinner | some kind of craft swap | gathering of ice cream sundaes | party with a color theme | friends over for cocoa & decorate cookies | a progressive party | GO to the beach | visit a museum | puddle-jumping after a big rain | take a photo field trip | camping with Bebe | berry-picking | have a formal tea | listen to live music | attend a free concert at the Kennedy Center | visit a local lavender farm | roll down a hill

Do you want to try it, too? I found it helpful to divide it into a few categories and then go from there. But really, you can just make a long list of things you already like to do and things you want to try.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys inspiration & a little group support, consider joining my new Year of Lovely Things group. Just complete this form (required: name, email, blog/flickr/etc, 10 things from your list). Sign-ups start today and run through January 19th, or until we reach 53 participants.

There are also 2 fun goals that I am setting for myself this year:

100 pretty things: make a lot of pretty things

100 desserts: try new dessert recipes

I’ve set up a new page to help track the adventure. Enjoy!




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5 01 2010

That is a lovely idea! What a great list you’ve come up with.

6 01 2010

I love this idea. I just signed-up. There just seems to be so amazing things going on this year. What a perfect way to put everything together

7 01 2010
My 53 Lovely Things « Mental Dustbunnies

[…] 19th (or 53 participants, whichever comes first). You can get a more organized list example at Perches in the Soul, hostess supreme of the […]

7 01 2010

I can’t sign up while at work (damn firewall) but do save me a spot on the list. 🙂

7 01 2010

sooo excited!

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