holiday craft round-up

4 01 2010

Silly me, last week I forgot that for both Christmas & New Years we had 4-day weekends this year. And holidays are more for family than anything else, so the computer was mostly off (except when checking news & football scores). In order to get on with current events, here’s a quick summary of the rest of the handmade holiday projects.

holiday knitting: hats

The Tam for C, because every librarian should have a beret-style hat. And she looks gorgeous in this color.

lace tam

Craft: knitting
Pattern: Lace Tam by Susan Rainey (free pattern)
Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino (Celeste)
For more details, see Ravelry.

This next – and very structural hat – looks really cool on the head and kind of like a funny beehive off the head. It reminded me of another C, so I cast on and really enjoyed it.  The reinforced headband technique (k 1″, p 1 rnd, k 1″, fold at purl and knit edge together, continue on) made a nicely secure base with a clean bottom edge. I’ll probably adapt this to other hats in the future. It’s a little slouchy, which you can’t tell in this picture since it wasn’t quite done yet (the 2nd skein disappeared somewhere in the holiday craft piles or maybe into one of Bebe’s treasure holes).

wurm wip 2

Craft: knitting
Pattern: wurm by katushika (free pattern)
Yarn: Katia Austral (2)
For more details, see Ravelry.

holiday sewing: misc

There was holiday sewing a-plenty. For the machine sewing bits, I had to squeeze very carefully between the prickly tree and my sewing desk. So there wasn’t as much machine sewing as I had originally planned. Hand-sewing was very soothing for late nights, when everyone else was asleep and all was quiet. Cup of tea, anyone?

A reversible needlekeeper for Ca. Many years ago, she gave me an embroidered handkerchief (still have it and love it) and thereby inspired me to learn more about embroidery.

sewing bee

And in true form with my best girls, part of their belated holiday gifts. Here’s a close-up of some really tiny knitting.

knitting softie

There were a few more knitting projects that had to be substituted with another gift due to (a) time (b) skill (grr… lace weight yarn…) (a) time (c) mysterious disappearances of particular skeins and again (b) skill (slooowwww…..knnnitttinnng).

It was a good year, and I found so much inspiration from the online community of crafters. Already making notes for next year’s handmade holidays.




6 responses

4 01 2010

All of these are just beautiful. You have a really amazing attention to details, and I love how much care you take with eachpiece

4 01 2010

I love that tam. I can think of at least three people who would like that beret next Christmas, so I’ve already found it and favourited it on Ravelry!

4 01 2010

That Beret is fantastic, so is everything else, but I especially like the beret. Off to put it in my Ravelry queue.

4 01 2010

Your needle keepers are awesome! Do you have them up on an etsy store yet?

4 01 2010

Love everything!!!! 🙂

5 01 2010

Heather: Thank you! Your comments are always so thoughtful.

Jennie & Jo: So glad I could help with a little Ravelry inspiration. The beret is really so lovely to knit.

Virginia: I’ll be opening my Etsy store next week (!) and there will be several needle keepers listed. Thanks for asking 🙂

Sam: 🙂 I am SO excited about our upcoming LOTR weekend marathon.

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