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30 12 2009

There is still life going on after the holidays, although we will continue with the holiday crafting reports tomorrow. I just wanted to share a few recent details.

Like these reversible needle keepers:

needlekeeper - winesap detail needlekeeper - golden delicious detail

I love this one, with the apple applique, for its lovely orchard colors, so like the apples we harvested this fall. Sweet for someone who loves apples, or maybe a teacher’s gift.

Waaay back in October, I started cutting the wool felt for lots of needle keepers (aka needle cases, needle books, etc). Now I have finally begun sewing applique pieces together and doing the embroidery. I love them to pieces.

Especially this one with all of the snowflakes and “ice crystal” beads:

needlekeeper - snowflake detail needlekeeper - snow detail

These are the needle keepers that I worked on yesterday, I’ll share more designs as they are finished. I want to make sure a bunch are ready for when my Etsy shop opens in January.

Getting ready for Etsy has been an interesting experience – in addition to the fun crafting & marketing research, I’ve also had to register as a business in my state, set up an account to deal with sales, and postpone a store launch until 2010 so that we didn’t have to deal with any additional tax implications this year.

But it’s all good: I love Etsy. A pretty print of “Be Kind, Be Gentle, Be Safe” arrived over the weekend from the sweet Etsy shop belonging to Heather of Beauty That Moves. Her description of the why and child-raising utility of the phrase were the most persuasive part of the purchase: a thoughtful slant on behavior guidance for wee ones. It’s hanging  on the wall above my sewing table for now, but it will be framed and moved to Bebe-height.

After a very chilly visit to the playground yesterday, I decided that gloves or mittens are needed for all. The mysterious tides of retail have already removed such things from the stores, so I have to make them (oh, twist my rubber arm). Mr. Perches received a very nice pair of fingerless gloves for his birthday, so he’s fine. For Bebe, I am still looking for a pattern so please let me know if you have any recommendations!

For myself, I gave up on the sweet fern mitts and tucked them into knitting hibernation (problem is my skill, not the pattern). Instead, am working on the simpler Those Mitts pattern by Leslie Friend.

those mitts wip

DPN’s and I are still on very poor terms with each other, but at least this pattern is mostly endless rounds of knitting with a bit of ribbing at the top and bottom. I love the yarn, and they will exactly match my Aston Hat.

Ah, and now I hear my Bebe calling. “Mamaaa!” he says, “Mammma!” And other sleepy mutters that translate to, “I’m awake. Naptime is over. Playtime restarts now.” Love that.




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30 12 2009

Hi just dropped by your blog after seeing a comment on Heather’s and love your ideas or the needle case, so easy and yet very effective. I like your comments on HEather’s blog re the gratitude jar and intend to suggest we keep one in our busy staff room. We come and go all day long and its about time we shared some gratitidue.
Thanks and a Happy New Year

1 01 2010

Thank you & a very happy New Year 🙂

30 12 2009

Really love your apple Needle Case, very very cute. Congrats on nearly getting your store open. I opened mine a couple of months ago, but need to do some serious work to get it up and running correctly, plus need to sort out my artwork for it.

Here are a couple of patterns I have knitted for little hands

I like these people little people still get the use of their fingers, but keep nice and warm at the same time.

Hope these help 🙂

1 01 2010

Sweet! I love the pattern for the sucky-thumb mitts. They look like a mini version of the ones I’m making for myself! Thank you so much, Jo.

30 12 2009
The Queen of the Snow Cows

Mama, you are a dervish of creative beauty! I love it all. And I can’t wait until your etsy shop opens.

Sigh. I miss you ever so. 🙂

1 01 2010

A little bird told me that you may be joining us for the LOTR marathon in January? Yes?? Maybe?? Yes?? Oh, the crafting we could do with all of the Tolkien goodness to watch.

30 12 2009

These are gorgeous! Oh my, you just do such amazing work. I am just setteling in to make some mittens for my self for the first time ever, and I am kind of excited to wrap some wooly warmth around my hands in the coming weeks.

Lovely post, as always

(sorry, I was signed in under the Rhythm of the Home address in my last post)

1 01 2010

It’s amazing how many beautiful mitten patterns are out there! I wasn’t sure about fingerless mitts for a while, but having moved back to a place with real winter weather (i.e. very cold), I am now a big fan. Can’t wait to see your project.

30 12 2009
the mistress

Love the snowflakes!
Good luck getting your business going. I’m so excited to visit your page! =)

30 12 2009

thank you for the link to the sign of the simple rules. that resonates with me also.

31 12 2009

Wow. I’m currently going through a similar process with regards to designing for knitting. Researching, setting up a business plan…

It’s intimidating. Go you!

Can’t wait until the etsy shop opens.

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