holiday knitting: neckwarmers

29 12 2009

The average person no longer knows what a cowl is, so while giving them an archaic word (which I happen to think is lovely & redolent of shadows, high stone arches, and incense) I also tell them it’s a neckwarmer. People understand neckwarmer, especially in winter or anywhere cold & drafty.

I’ve had the yarn for my sister’s gift for months, and just couldn’t find the right pattern to match its rosy, silky loveliness (mmm… Malabrigo). I was in deeply covetous smit as soon as I saw the Beech Wood cowl pattern on Ravelry. I saw it, drooled a bit, waved a skein of my sister’s yarn at it, and then picked up Bebe & ran out to buy the pattern.

rupestre beech wood cowl

A sweet, quick knit for one skein (and I still have two more for birthday presents…). Sent along with a carved wooden shawl pin that I picked up at the Montpelier Fall Fiber Festival in October.

Craft: knitting
Pattern: Beech Wood by Ilga Leja (available in Knitting Pattern-a-Day: 2010 Day-to-Day Calendar)
Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino (Rupestre)
For more details, see Ravelry.

The next cowl was for my sister’s husband (I like themes in gift-giving: the nieces & nephew received woodsy-magic costume pieces). Scarves are too long, hats are too risky, this is just right for man who is still fishing in the middle of winter.

Swampfield Cowl detail

Craft: knitting
Pattern: Swampfield Cowl by Sara Amoroso (free pattern)
Yarn: Brown Sheep Co. Lanaloft (LL-51 Thunder Bay)
For more details, see Ravelry.




2 responses

29 12 2009

Wow, these are so beautiful… thank you for posting these, I was looking for anew knitting project!

30 12 2009

They are really fun & easy knits, I loved seeing the textures emerge. Thanks for letting me know you like them!

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