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22 12 2009

In our home, as we bake cookies, do a little knitting, and play with Bebe,

Bebe smiley

we’re also awash in lovely holiday music. Today we’re listening to Duke Ellington’s Nutcracker Suite from his Three Suites album. I love “Sugar Rum Cherry (Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy)” and “Dance of the Floreadores (Waltz of the Flowers).”

What are your favorite holiday CDs? Please leave a comment, I’d like to add a few new ones to our collection.

Some wintry things I’d like to try:

how to catch snowflakes (great for kids and kid-like adults) from Summer Sky: Learning As I Go

Chicken + Apple Cider Wine Stew recipe from the tiny bean

sweet + simple cookie clay ornaments from Philigry

snowflake pendant tutorial (very pretty) and ice decorations (requires freezing temps outside OR a freezer + cold temps outside) from resurrection fern

Bebe snuggly

What are you enjoying on this December day?




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22 12 2009

I’m enjoying the wonderful pictures of Bebe on this December day! What a cutie!

23 12 2009

Thank you 🙂

22 12 2009

I’m enjoying counting down the minutes until vacation begins. We hit the road much too early tomorrow morning.

I happen to love Christmas with the Rat Pack and the first holiday album by Harry Connick Jr. (I think it’s “When My Heart Finds Christmas”). His second holiday album was not as good.

In closing –
Happy Birthday, Bebe!
Merry Christmas, Perches family!
Happy Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Perches!
And a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!!!

23 12 2009

Thanks for the CD recs and especially for all the merry wishing. Safe travels!

22 12 2009
the mistress

I love the new pictures of bebe. What a smile!

I just enjoyed good lunch with a good friend. Now, I need a nap, but the lab beckons me.

My favorite holiday cd is Squirrel Nut Zippers – Christmas Caravan. It’s non-traditional (shocking, I know).

December is such a joyful month for your family. I hope that all of the special occasions this month bring great memories to be cherished in the years to come.

Sending much love your way.

23 12 2009

Yay, that sounds like a great holiday album. Thanks, my la! Happy holidays to you & the Mister.

23 12 2009
The Queen of the Snow Cows

LOVE the newest pics of bebe! Give him birthday hugs and a kiss for me…Christmas ones too.

As for my favorite Chrismas albums, A Christmas Together by John Denver and the Muppets is the top of my list, and the next would be a christmas compilation I bought at Banana Republic one year…I can burn that one for you if you like, but you won’t have it for this year.

23 12 2009

Sweet, I’d love a some new tunes for next year. X & O delivered to Bebe!

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