after snow

21 12 2009

The weather is blue and crisp and so lovely today, perfect for a winter solstice.

So that this doesn’t get lost in all of the glorious pictures, I just want to say: Bebe is walking. Walking! And what do you do when your sweet baby takes his first wobbly, staggering, toothy-smiling steps? Jump up and down, clap your hands, shriek with glee, and enjoy the moment.

The weekend snowstorm caused us to miss a gingerbread house party and other holiday fun, but it also gifted us with lots of time together in the warm indoors and then exploring the snow. Here are a few things we did:


lap blanket for granny - wip


dried orange slices


cranberry garland


pixie skirt #1


pixie skirt twirl


20dec09 - the boys

20dec09 - playing


Swampfield Cowl

YAY-ing! (OK, so the last one isn’t a real word, but you get the idea. I mean, Bebe walking…)

And a note on the spiced hot chocolate recipe? I ran out of chocolate powder and tried using melted baker’s chocolate. It turned into this weird gelatinous goo that, while very tasty when eaten with a spoon, did not resemble a hot chocolate beverage. At all. Just so you know!

Wishing you much joy on this beautiful day.




8 responses

21 12 2009

Yay for Bebe walking, now the fun really begins 🙂
What a wonderful weekend you had, hope you have a beautiful day too.

21 12 2009

Walking?!!! Oh my Goddess!!!

22 12 2009

Wow, looks like a white christmas over there……while we are enjoying blue skies and swimming………enjoy

22 12 2009

oh, swimming sounds wonderful!

22 12 2009

Gorgeous pics. And what a sweet little Bebe!

And, personally, I love getting snowed in. So cozy.

22 12 2009

Hooray for first steps!
I’m curious what the items in the sewing picture will turn out to be.

23 12 2009
The Queen of the Snow Cows

The tutu things are so great! And the knitting looks cozy and fabulous!

You get way too much done when you’re snowed in! 😉

23 12 2009

I really, really loved the pixie skirt/tutu project. They were delightful at every single stage (well, except for the hour of cutting tulle). And the best part – besides the dancing & frolicsome glee I hope they’ll inspire in my neices – is trying each one on myself for a test-twirl when I finished them… I kinda want to make one for myself.

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