whomping blustery joy

19 12 2009

Snow! That’s a great whomping blustery joy. Imagine the giggly happiness of waking up and peeking out the window at a brandnew snowfall. It makes us feel like giddy five-year-olds again.

The snow is epic and still pouring down without stop. We don’t have a functioning television, but friends and online news tell us that everything is closed and the roads are unfriendly. We can see for ourselves that it’s a great day for impromptu sledding. By this morning it was knee-high outside our window, and these bird tracks decorated our porch.

bird tracks in snow

Spiced hot chocolate is superyummy and a perfect companion to kitchen scrubbing, laundry, holiday baking, and crafting. And Bebe wrangling. And storytelling. And juggling (well, maybe not juggling). And chatty calls to friends and family. The house smells like baked orange slices, sooo delightful.

Also delightful? Packages in the mail. We received Bebe’s gifts from the handmade stocking stuffer exchange. Love this! The results of creativity, time, and attention from so many families are sweet treasures. More details after Christmas, but here’s a peek:

handmade gifts

And on our own holiday crafting front, there is some sewing for Granny, not enough knitting, and a really fun project that will transform piles of tulle and ribbon into pixie gifts for our neices.

pixie tutu wip

Any whomping (or wee) joy in your weekend?




2 responses

21 12 2009

Yay for the magic that comes with the snow!!
I love the gifts you received, so fun : )
And sweet little bird tracks!
Warm wishes to you this season!

23 12 2009

Thank you 🙂 I appreciate your comments, they’re always so sweet.

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