tam tam

12 12 2009

Tam! That word makes me smile. It just sounds like giddy baby babble. Or some kind of small candy wrapped in crazy bright colors. Various dictionaries tell me that it’s short for “tam o’shanter: a woolen cap of Scottish origin.”

lace tam - blocking top

We woke up with Bebe very, very early this morning – my boys went back to sleep but I lay there thinking about winding balls of wool. Seriously: it’s a gift idea I’m considering, not some odd variation on counting sheep. So no sleep for Mama. I finally got up and finished knitting the tam.

lace tam - blocking

It’s blocking now, more pics and details after Christmas.




3 responses

12 12 2009

That is gorgeous!

17 12 2009

thank you!

24 12 2009

Thats so cool! love the color. Have you ever heard of mermaid gloves?

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