santa bebe

10 12 2009

Sunday was Bebe’s first birthday party – an early celebration since he was born so close to Christmas. He wore a very cute Santa suit from his Grandma.

Santa Bebe - birthday 2009

We drove to DC and met friends at Union Station, which is all decked out for the holidays.

union station, washington dc - birthday 2009

On the main level, there is a towering, twinkling tree that’s gifted every year from the Swedish embassy. We took a million many, many family pictures there. Instead of birthday cake we brought snowball cupcakes from our favorite local bakery. They were very large and very delicious,.

snowball cupcake - birthday 2009

Then we bundled up for a nice walk to the US Botanic Gardens, for the annual Holiday Magic miniature train display & fairyland.

birthday 2009 - us botanic gardens

Artist Paul Busse creates amazing landscapes – tiny rooms and buildings and arches – out of bark, acorn scales, eucalyptus seedpods, gourds, etc. In addition to fairytale cottages and holiday sites, there were also tiny replicas of John Muir’s home in Northern California and George Washington’s headquarters in Valley Forge. None of my pictures came out, I wish they had so that you could see how lovely and enchanting it was.

The main garden also had miniatures of the buildings and monuments from the National Mall: the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, the US Capitol, the Smithsonian castle, etc. When Bebe and I visited last month, they had just begun setting up that part of the displays. Now it was complete and much more besides.

Recommend it? yes yes YES! It lasts until January 10th this year and will probably happen again next year. Free 🙂 The artist’s website shows where some of this other exhibits take place around the country.

Our friends gave Bebe a sweet storybook, Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman. I’ll leave you with a peek:

“An itty-bitty mouse,
pitter-pat, tip-toe,
creep-crawls in the cave
from the fluff-cold snow.”

By the end of the day, the snow was melted, the sky was very blue, and our Santa Bebe was very happy and very, very sleepy.  Good times.




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