first thanksgiving

7 12 2009

Bebe and sleep and my beloved all trumped writing for a while.

Sometimes a week goes by in a blink: poof, gone. And at the end of those the very fast days, there were small windows of time for choices: play with Bebe or write? Sleep or write? Talk with Mr. Perches or write?

Thanksgiving was really wonderful. Bebe’s version of that weekend:

first taste of baked turkey and mashed potatoes: yumm

devouring plenty of homemade applesauce and sweet Hawaiian bread rolls

renewing friendship with Seamus, a really adorable Morkie puppy

have one very difficult sleeping night (confused and inconsolable wailing)

finally meeting Paul (who many years ago, during the graduate school years in the hominess of Wheaton, taught me how to stock a toolroom, fix several kinds of kitchen and bathroom plumbing, value a KitchenAid mixer and unsalted butter, and really use a sewing machine. Amazing. Thank you!!) and his family

and bestest: almost 24/4 playing with dad

thanksgiving 2009 - reading

I’ll totally cheat and let you read this description of our lovely weekend. And let me tell you, those candycane reindeer were fun, fun, fun.

I tried making them last year and it was a hot glue gun DISASTER. Imagine my  burned fingertips, improbably toothpicks, glue strings everywhere, googly eyeballs stuck to pajamas, my massively pregnant belly and cankles, skewed antlers, and an agitated Mr. Perches finally declaring the experience something to LET GO.

But this year, things were lovely, because my dear friend is a pro. And she shared her skills. And her reindeer.

We ventured into Baltimore harbor on Black Friday: for fun, not for shopping.

baltimore aquarium

Our first time in the Baltimore Aquarium. I adored several kinds of palm-sized monkeys, a giant puffer fish, and the shy nautilii. Least favorite was the overflow of sharp-elbowed humanity. I highly recommend going there on a non-holiday. Otherwise gird yourself with extra padding around the ribs and toes, have some kind of soothing mantra to recite in your head, and wear a big sign on your back that says, “Push me again and I may bite you. Really.” Bebe was fascinated by the dolphin show.

baltimore aquarium - dolphins

There was much Tolkien movie watching and much knitting. I finished this,

rupestre beech wood cowl

about which I’ll share more details after Christmas.




5 responses

7 12 2009

Sounds like a wonderful day. My family in Maryland, and I love visiting Inner Harbor. Your knitting looks beautiful, can’t wait to see more 🙂

10 12 2009

Thanks, Heather! We had so much fun. The last time we visited Inner Harbor was around Halloween a few years ago – they have amazing neighborhood activities!

7 12 2009
m.e (cathie)

beautiful pics, looks like a fabulous day.
all the best for the christmas period to you & your gorgeous family

10 12 2009

Thank you, Cathie 🙂

8 12 2009

I can’t see the photos while here at work – but I got to see it all live. 🙂 Looking forward to next Thanksgiving already!

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