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19 11 2009

Finished a new pincushion yesterday.


Really need it, even if this one has some very wonky stitches closing the seam. My old and very first pincushion (the red tomato that you get with sewing sets) has stuffing bursting out of the holes and is fraying in every possible way. It needs to be retired to a dark, quiet drawer before it bursts like a sliced tennis ball. What else is there to do with old pincushions? Let me know if you have any ideas.

My sweet boy – my honeybee – has finally recovered from his cold. Huzzah! So we have been able to enjoy playing outdoors this week with some unseasonably warm weather.  Yesterday he enjoyed trying out his new shoes.

going for a drive

Lots of supported walking, too. Bebe is almost a real biped. Watch out, world: here he comes.

We took our weekly trip to the library and found a new booklove:

setting sun
Crickets, curtains, day is done

-from All the World, by Liz Garton Scanlon & Marla Frazee

Delightful book, a definite buy for our home library. Bebe and I have read it several times since yesterday and once so far this morning. Mr. Perches also liked it very much – I read it to him last night as he was resting from several hours of an apple pie baking extravaganza (more on that later).

We also brought home, among many joys, The River Cottage Family Cookbook and Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac. Elizabeth writes:

In some quarters, November is considered rather a dull month, but not at our house. It is a time of snugging down; of finding, and foiling, sources of draughts; of augmenting the woodpile, putting up the birdfeeders, starting in on some serious reading, and knitting – always knitting. One plans and executes the remaining knitted Christmas presents, and considers some ambitious project for that distant snowlocked time After Christmas. (pp125-126)

Agree and agree, except for the woodpile and especially the birdfeeders – which in our area only encourage the squirrels to become tree rats. But drafts, Christmas knitting, and lists for 2010 knitting? Yes, they have been with us this November.

Another thing I’ve found in the Knitter’s Almanac: the I-cord knitting term/technique, (which I just learned) is short for “Idiot-Cord.” Hmm, I can see why they only print the abbreviation and do not generally explain what it stands for. But it is a wonderfully easy and useful technique – you can see more information here and here.

What have you learned today?




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19 11 2009

Thanks for posting the quote from the Knitter’s Almanac. I’ve always had that book on my radar to read, but now I really want to go to the library today to look for it. Happy November!

19 11 2009

It is such a funny, well-written book. I am starting to understand why so many knitters idolize her.

19 11 2009

Today I learned that people with advanced degrees seem to trade in common sense to get those fancy letters after their names. (Okay, I already knew that – it was just reaffirmed at my staff meeting. And no, it doesn’t apply to all PhDs or MDs, just the majority of them that I’ve encountered and/or worked with.)

I also learned that I would much rather spend my days and earn my keep by having a yarn store of my own. (Again – already knew that – just reaffirmed.)

19 11 2009

Oh, a yarn store: I am really looking forward to haunting shopping in your yarn store.

19 11 2009
the mistress

Bebe looks so grown up in his fancy shoes.

Today I learned that I don’t like school “Mistress.” She’s all stressed out and pissy and stuff. Harumph! I prefer happy-go-lucky-not-so-stressed-out “Mistress” who has time for crafty goodness. le sigh.

19 11 2009

I hear you. Your school Mistress sounds a lot like my some of my working Perches. I hope you have a break coming up for some crafty goodness.

19 11 2009
The Queen of the Snow Cows

I’ve been perusing november in the almanac this week too! lol. I’m trying to decide if I should finally make myself a pair of moccasin socks.

You know what I learned today? That I absolutely love tuna salad on a roll with a layer of hot peppers. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE IT.

And bebe is looking very grown up in that picture. I’m glad he’s finally feeling better. He also looks quite dashing in the vest. 😉

19 11 2009

That is a great quote, thanks for sharing.
I really love the pin cushion, and sometimes the wonky stitches make it much more fun to enjoy

19 11 2009

Goodness, the walking thing is simultaneously awesome and scary as hell.

And I love the new pincushion.

20 11 2009
pink and green mama MaryLea

I learned today that I’m stronger than I used to be.

Love the new pin cushion – much cooler than an old tomato : )

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