today we are

17 11 2009

baking brownies

cutting fabric

stocking stuffers wip

enjoying the outdoors

figuring out how to knit (and rip and re-knit) sleeves

lakewater wip - sleeves

playing with Bebe (who is LOVING his new growling vocalization: grrrr….)

What has been making you smile today?




3 responses

17 11 2009

The sleeve looks good! I’m impressed.

What’s making me smile today? Happy pictures on people’s blogs.

It’s been a tough one.

17 11 2009

One thing that is making me smile today is using the beautiful stitch markers that you sent me (thank you!) while knitting a hat for a friend’s little boy. Yeah, I’m knitting another Aston hat and that recommendation came from you, too! Double thanks!

18 11 2009
the mistress

Pretty fabric and cute little sweater for Bebe.
Today I’m smiling because I forwarded a job lead to a friend and he’s interested. It’s always nice to feel helpful. =)

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