are dpns your friend?

13 11 2009

With Bebe still fighting off a cough & nasal yuck, there hasn’t been much time or energy for other things this week. Like vacuuming, or getting out of pajamas before the noon nap – if he naps. So we sleep when we can, and do a lot of reading and games.

lakewater wip

My little coffee bean cardigan has paused, as I need size 9 (5.5mm) DPNs to finish knitting the sleeves. Our LYS is out of stock, which means we’ll make the longer trek out to My Favorite Yarn Shop when Bebe’s health and the weather are both a bit better. And look: my new labels arrived yesterday, I love them!


Meanwhile, I am working on my craft swap for the stocking stuffer exchange (my list of babes are 10mo-3yrs, which I love, thank you Carrie!). And I am repeatedly attempting to cast on for these really adorable fingerless gloves. Knitting with DPNs is still a new-ish skill for me, and I am fine after the third row or if I am picking up stitches after working with circular needles. But when I am starting out a project with them – argh! mrah! eek! – getting from joining in the round past the second row is like torture. I don’t know why I’m stupid here, but the experience invariably feels like I have only two brain cells to rub together and they just aren’t making fire. Grrr…

In much cheerier craft news, November is the 3rd annual Handmade Holidays month at Sew Mama Sew, and every day this month they have posted a new theme with a really great list of project tutorials, recipes, etc. The Projects Queu on my sidebar has tripled in size thanks to so many great ideas. And did I mention some amazing giveaways? They are offering some really amazing giveaways.




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13 11 2009
The Queen of the Snow Cows

I think anyone who tells you that they love starting a project with dpns is a dirty liar. I don’t mind using them but starting is always annoying….so you’re not alone there. 🙂

13 11 2009

You need to learn how to magic loop with circular needles. I haven’t knitted anything for ages on flat needles or DPN’s. I know it sounds scary, but once you get started it’s the only way to knit.

I bookmarked a heap of stuff on Sew Mama Sew last night from last year, need to get cracking and make it all 🙂

13 11 2009

I like your new labels!
Your knitting is incredible, such beautiful colors you have chosen!

13 11 2009

Oh I agree. I am a very novice knitter and those first few rows on the dpns are nasty!

14 11 2009

starting on dpns gets easier, but it is never very fun. I love your projects queue in your sidebar. I have a project idea tiny file box, but it isn’t very organized and then I have to search my bookmarks for the tutorials.

14 11 2009
Carrie :: Between Hitching Posts

you’re little sweater is looking so precious! I can’t wait to see it done & on that sweet cheeked boy of yours!

15 11 2009

I’ll be the crazy one – so far, I love my DPNs but I need to try the magic loop method. 🙂

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