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9 11 2009

Lovely: Frosty mornings. Saturday donuts. Friends visiting for the weekend. Adorable wee hats on toddlers. Spicy vegetarian chili (a favorite recipe from another friend). More apple spice cake.

frosty november morning

Unlovely: Piles of laundry in our bedroom & bathroom.

Lovely: Walking around town with friends, exploring vintage shops and sunny cafés. Finding mulling spices, affordable vanilla beans, and chicory (for the morning coffee ) at the very charming Pa Dutch Tea & Spice shop. Lots of funny shop names.

vintage tattoo parlor

Unlovely: Missing naptime with an overtired Bebe. Mr. Perches getting a bee sting on the neck when putting on his jacket.

Lovely: Cauliflower cheese soup. Warm hats. Listening to A Charlie Brown Christmas by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. Late night and early morning knitting. A very sweet pattern for a baby cardigan.

sweater model

Unlovely: Fevers, coughing, 2AM calls to our pediatric after-hours clinic, and being instructed over the phone on how to do a DELETED temperature check (ewww). [update: I deleted the word here because I was tired of getting weird search hits. ewww.]

Lovely: Broken fevers. Lots of late morning sleep for Bebe.

lakeside coffee bean wip

What was lovely in your weekend?




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9 11 2009

Unfortunately your photos are not showing up for me tonight : ( I did enjoy reading about your weekend! My husband and I celebrated eleven years of marriage this weekend and that was lovely! : )

13 11 2009

Oh, congratulations on celebrating 11 years together!!

10 11 2009
the mistress

Bebe is even cute when he’s sick. He looks like he’s just asking to have his temperature taken (the regular way, of course).

This weekend, I went to spin class on Saturday morning and had coffee with the ladies from the gym (lovely). Saturday afternoon was spent catching up on homework (unlovely). On Sunday, I had a Thanksgiving meal with my Gourmet Friends (my cooking club – lovely). I made pumkin ravioli in herbed cream sauce (also lovely). All went well until I asked Mr. Bombs to boil the ravioli (unlovely). He’s never helped me make it before, and didn’t realize that ravioli tend to fall apart when they are boiling. It all turned out well, though and I got some new ideas to add to my annual favorites list.

13 11 2009

Yummm, your ravioli sounds good!

10 11 2009

it looks like you had a very full weekend. here is my quick summary:
garden time, biking, finishing a hat, out for sushi and starting a quilt (all lovely)
working on Saturday and missing the sweet morning with my babe and being awake at awful hours of the night with a playful, screeching baby (unlovely)

13 11 2009

your weekend sounds really lovely – and makes me want some garden time and sushi! I can definitely sympathize with your unlovely bits – especially today, when our Bebe awoke at 4am. very funny baby, very sleepy parents 😉 hope you’re getting some rest this week

11 11 2009

The weekend seems like it was ages ago…unlovely.

11 11 2009

That is a very full weekend that you had. Sounds like some lovely times, and a few difficult ones. Hope you enjoy the beginning of the week

For us, we spent the weekend trying to get our yard ready for the winter ahead. We have had lively weather here (very unseasonable), and we have tried to take full advantage

13 11 2009

I keep hearing about your lively weather on the news! Hope you’re all staying warm and well. yay for yardwork, I love the fall

14 11 2009
Pat Parish

Can you post that spicy vegetarian recipe?

16 11 2009

Hi Pat,
I’ve just emailed it to you – it’s my friend’s recipe, and I’ve loved it for many years. Hope you like it!

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