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6 11 2009

Oh, beastly traffic. I do not love you. You spoil my plans and make my butt ache.

us capitol - nov2009

Bebe and I went to DC this week to participate in the Champions for Children’s Health Stroller Brigade at the US Capitol building, a demonstration regarding health care reform for programs like CHIP that focus on uninsured children in the US. It was organized by the Children’s Defense Fund, which I heart very much – especially their Freedom Schools program. We drove to the nearest metro station, which is normally 45 minutes away, but we were caught in a snarl of inexplicably beastly traffic. Long ride, short story, is that we were 90 minutes late at our destination. And yes, there were strollers and children everywhere. But we arrived just as they were packing things away.  Foiled! Argh, grrr…

Good thing: we had additional plans for the day, which were lovely. Our first ever visit to the US Botanic Gardens was delightful. I was interested in their new exhibits on chocolate and Hawai’i (which were OK), but we lingered for two hours on the long winding paths of orchids,

gathering of orchids - us botanic garden

us botanic garden

sharp desert plants,

thorn tree - us botanic garden

and spectacular bromeliads in psychedelic colors.

us botanic garden 040


And then, since we were nearby, we visited a LYS called Stitch DC. I think I’d go back just to chat with the staff, they were so nice. Bebe had fun playing with the shopowner’s toddler, who was about a month younger and much more mobile. I looked back at them just in time to see Bebe, sitting in front of a display case, suddenly reach into the case with both chubby hands and start flinging balls of yarn around in every direction. Chortling gleefully. Oh my, so I cleaned up and we left with my purchases: 2 skeins of yarn from brands I haven’t tried yet, one from Classic Elite Yarns Giselle (fuzzy and very red) and another from Punta Yarns Merisoft Sock (dark rainbow colors).


A good day, and another beastly drive home. I hope your traffic is better than mine, and I hope you have a lovely weekend.




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6 11 2009
the mistress

My butt ache’s for you. ;0
Lovely purchases and photos too!

6 11 2009

The botanical garden pics are lovely. Thank you for sharing.

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