aston hat

5 11 2009

Yay! My Cranberry Aston hat is finished.

aston hat

Some knitting yesterday while we were riding on the metro, then lots of knitting early this morning. A quick Google led me to Stitch Diva so that I could figure out how to do an I-cord. Annnd done. I love it.

Bebe loves it, too. You can tell because he didn’t immediately rip it off is head, try to eat it, and throw it away. Which is what he usually does with anything on his head.

aston hat Bebe

I shortened the ribbing, so it looks a bit different from the original pattern. In case you were wondering why it doesn’t look like an adorable acorn – cute on display, not so much on my head.

Craft: knitting
Pattern: Aston by Stitch Therapy Brooklyn (free pattern)
Yarn: Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash (855)
For more details, see Ravelry.




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5 11 2009

Your hat is very nice! I cast on for Henry’s Aston hat last night and am in love with the yarn I chose, so it should be a quick knit.

5 11 2009

I can’t wait to see Henry’s hat! He looks so adorable in your knits.

5 11 2009

Wow, this is gorgeous. Your stitch work looks perfect, and the color is so wonderful for the winter ahead

5 11 2009

Thank you! I was thinking of autumn when I picked up the yarn – especially my favorite homemade cranberry apple sauce.

5 11 2009
the mistress

Beautiful hat! Cranberry is a great color for you and I love the pattern.
I have to admit I’m amazed that a hat that fits you also fits bebe. LOL!

5 11 2009

Thanks *laughter* I think it’s a combination of small mama-head, big-Bebe head, and stretchy yarn. I like how he can still wear Viking Hat.

5 11 2009

Gorgeous job mama!
The color suites you perfectly and your little guy is too cute : )

6 11 2009

Oh, thank you – and I appreciate your letting me know about great giveaway on your site!

8 11 2009

I love the hat … and Bebe’s shirt “I’m not sleeping”. Too cute!

9 11 2009

Love the hat! Love you!

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